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What is included in a mommy makeover in Mexico?

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For many women it is a dream come true to get pregnant, however, there are many cases in which it is difficult for the body to regain the appearance it had after giving birth. Previously, when that happened, women felt discouraged or even self-conscious about the appearance of their bodies.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case, as medicine has advanced, the creation of new aesthetic procedures has also innovated. Increasingly safer and more effective to achieve that in the shortest possible time the figure that was had before pregnancy is recovered. One of these procedures is the mommy makeover surgery.

What is a mommy makeover?

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It can be said that it is a series of cosmetic procedures that help to eliminate the unwanted effects that occur in the body after pregnancy. Some of the things that this procedure may include are liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and breast lift surgery.

The number of procedures that are performed during the surgery depends a lot on the needs of each person. There are women who in addition to liposuction need a breast reduction, but there are cases in which the only thing that is required is a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Another characteristic of this procedure is that it is a single intervention, so many factors are taken into consideration before performing it. Each case is carefully analyzed to determine which procedures should be performed so that the patient can regain her figure.

What are the most common mommy makeovers procedures?

As we said before, a mommy makeover in Tijuana can include several procedures, however, the most commons are the following:

Tummy tuck

You may have already heard about this procedure before, as it is one of the most popular. Through tummy tuck surgery it is possible to make the patient’s abdominal skin regain the firmness it previously had; this is done by eliminating localized fat.

For the abdomen to be aesthetically good, excess skin is removed, and the abdominal muscles are rearranged. Although at first, the swelling may cause the changes not to be seen, in a short time the patient will be able to notice a flat abdomen and a youthful appearance.


It is normal for the breasts to sag over time, especially if they do not have good support or if you do not wear a bra for a long time. During pregnancy, it is more common for the breasts to sag, as they get heavier.

Mammoplasty is a procedure that consists of lifting sagging breasts, in some cases, it is enough to lift them, and in others, it is necessary to place implants. This commonly happens when there is loose skin since the remaining volume must be filled so that the breasts look as they were before or have a more aesthetic appearance.


Sometimes no matter how much exercise or diet you do, localized fat is very difficult to remove. That is why procedures such as liposuction are performed, which in just a matter of minutes can remove the excess body fat.

This surgical procedure is based on the suction of localized fat, so in some patients, it may only be performed on the hips and thighs, while in others on the arms and abdomen. As with other procedures, this is something that the plastic surgeon determines depending on the needs of each patient.


It can be said that liposculpture has a similar function to liposuction, however, one is more focused on the elimination of fat deposits and the other on remodeling. With the help of liposculpture, the appearance of the patient is improved, the contour is recovered and a more aesthetic silhouette is created.

What people are candidates for this procedure?

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Although several women can have this surgery, it can be said that the ideal is a woman who has already stopped breastfeeding and no longer wants to have children. It is also necessary that they have good health, since otherwise the surgery could be postponed.

Another thing that is advised is to not smoke or drink, and they should have the support of a family member or friend. This is mainly because they will need help throughout the recovery process, and will make it much easier and faster.

What care should be followed?

The postoperative period is something that depends a lot on what procedures were performed, however, there are some cares that most have in common. Usually, the patient must wear a compression girdle for numerous weeks, take some medications for the first few days, and undergo postoperative massages.

During the first days, it is advisable that someone help and accompany the patient, as she will feel some discomfort, and it will be difficult to carry out some activities. All this will only be for a few days and as time goes by the patient will feel less discomfort.

You will be able to see the final results several months after the mommy makeover surgery. But it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions during the recovery time, and not do your normal activities. 

Where is the best place?

At Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic, we are aware that there are times when no matter how much you take care of yourself, pregnancy can change the appearance of your body.

Dr. Flores Valdivia is an experienced plastic surgeon, who provides the best care in every procedure, and he will be with you during the entire process.

Things are not the way they used to be, and patients do not need to be affected by the way their bodies appear. We offer modern and professional treatments such as the mommy makeover, thanks to that, hundreds of our patients have managed to regain the confidence they had before pregnancy.

The mommy makeover cost will depend on the needs of each patient, but we evaluate each case to determine a price. We want each patient to reach their aesthetic goals, and regain their self-confidence, that is why our team of staff has the necessary studies to provide optimal care to each patient. 

The clinic is located in Tijuana Mexico near the border with San Diego. Schedule an appointment with us.