Mommy Makeover in Tijuana

The surgery of Mommy makeover in Tijuana is the popular name for the procedures set that aim to restore the female body from the changes caused by pregnancy.

​Mommy makeover’s surgical procedures aim to reconstruct the breasts, restore shape, tone, and muscle strength to the abdomen, and remove excess fat from areas where it has accumulated excessively.

How does the surgery of mommy makeover in Tijuana work?

Pregnancy produces many physical changes in women that can prevail after having a child, changes that are focused on specific areas such as the breast and abdomen.

Although women may opt for a diet or a physical exercise routine, the truth is that many women do not achieve significant or noticeable changes, which is why women decide to undergo a mommy makeover in Tijuana thanks to the multiple benefits they can obtain.

​When Dr. Flores Valdivia performs this type of surgical procedure, his main objective is to increase the patient’s self-esteem by perfecting the patient’s body, eliminating excess fat and skin, and the flaccidity that can be found in various areas. Thanks to the fact that different interventions are performed within the same surgery, patients will obtain immediate results, which will be natural and entirely aesthetic.

The ideal time to undergo a mommy makeover in Tijuana is after one year from delivery. During this time, the uterus descends, and all muscles and skin return to their normal position. Also, Dr. Flores Valdivia recommends opting for this treatment once the patient has reached their optimal weight to achieve more visible results.​

What procedures does the Mommy Makeover in Tijuana include?

Mommy makeover in Tijuana surgery is composed of different operations, which are focused on correcting those areas of the body that were affected or altered by pregnancy and the breastfeeding process. Although each patient is different and may require more treatments, a mommy makeover in Tijuana is based on three surgical methods:

Breast lift: During lactation, a woman’s breasts increase in size, causing a stretch that can remain once this period is over. This causes the breasts to hang due to their weight and size, resulting in an unattractive shape. Lifting this area can help correct pain caused by excess weight and allow the breasts to regain their position and shape. The mommy makeover in Tijuana can be accompanied with a breast augmentation.

Tummy Tuck: The main objective of this surgery is to remove the excess skin and join the abdomen muscles, which were affected due to the whole process of pregnancy.

​With this mommy makeover in Tijuana, patients will obtain a flat and toned belly. The tummy tuck does not completely eliminate stretch marks, only those around the navel, due to the skin stretching. Depending on the excess skin, Dr. Flores Valdivia can perform a complete tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck, depending on each case.

Liposuction: With this technique, Dr. Flores Valdivia will be able to eliminate the fat deposits that are in excess, mainly in the area of the abdomen, waist, back, arms and thighs. To do this, employing a cannula, the excess will be suctioned out so that the body can look much more aesthetic and proportional. The time of this mommy makeover in Tijuana can last between four hours, depending on the patient’s body’s extension and conditions.

Who are the ideal candidates for this mommy makeover in Tijuana surgery?
The people who can undergo this surgery are those women who are in good health and have already gone through the time determined for this procedure, that is, after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, Dr. Flores Valdivia indicates that women who present sagging or uneven breasts, decrease or increase of the breast, flaccidity in the abdomen area, excess fat in thighs and hips are ideal for this mommy makeover in Tijuana.​

What should be taken into account in the mommy makeover in Tijuana?

Patients should keep in mind that the mommy makeover in Tijuana is composed of different surgical interventions, meaning that the post-operative process will be vital for optimal and long-lasting results. The recovery stage can last approximately four weeks, depending on the number of treatments and care each patient carries out.

​During the first few days, Dr. Flores Valdivia recommends that the patient support a family member or friend since mobility will be minimal; no significant efforts can be made since this can cause injuries to the body. The simple fact that there is support will significantly help the recovery process.

​The time to incorporate into work and daily activities will depend significantly on the number of procedures, but it is usually between four weeks, so Dr. Flores Valdivia indicates that patients should wait until he gives indications. The results can be seen immediately, although all of them can be seen after a few months after the body is no longer inflamed.

​Dr. Flores Valdivia will be able to resolve any doubts the patient may have regarding mommy makeover in Tijuana, mainly because each case is unique, and he can advise what type of process would be most appropriate.

​To choose the most suitable surgical technique for the patient, it will be necessary to make an evaluation appointment with Dr. Flores Valdivia to elaborate on a medical record and a personalized treatment plan.

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