Botox Tijuana

The application of botulinum toxin, also known as BOTOX®, consists of the injection of a medical substance that decreases the contraction strength of specific muscles, which relaxes the expression and prevents the development of the wrinkles, and results in the smoothing of existing expression lines.

How does Botox Tijuana work?

This substance has the function of relaxing the muscles that frequently contract and cause wrinkles and expression lines. They can also prevent the emergence of new wrinkles, so Botox Tijuana is a treatment that is used to solve and prevent. This procedure is only applied by certified professionals and has the necessary experience to provide patients with a youthful and natural appearance, which is why Dr. Flores Valdivia offers this procedure.

It is essential to clarify that the application of Botox Tijuana does not inhibit the functioning of the muscles; they follow their normal function without any problem. On the other hand, this toxin decreases the release of acetylcholine, thus allowing safe muscle contraction.

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What wrinkles can Botox Tijuana eliminate?

The toxin can eliminate or diminish the appearance of two types of wrinkles, dynamic and static. The first are those that form when you gesture and are usually found in areas such as around the eyes and mouth, so the expression lines fall into this category. Static wrinkles do not change or are produced by movement, which is why it bears this name; this type usually occurs at the insertion of specific muscles.

The Botox Tijuana used within Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic is only oriented to act on dynamic wrinkles, allowing muscle relaxation and diminishing the appearance of these according to the amount of toxin to be administered.

What is the process and technique for applying Botox Tijuana?

As a first phase, Dr. Flores Valdivia will perform an in-depth analysis of each patient’s medical history, thus assessing whether a possible disease or allergy to Botox Tijuana exists. As for women, Dr. Flores Valdivia recommends that it not be performed on those who are in the pregnancy stage since it can be contradictory.

Once Dr. Flores Valdivia has evaluated the patient’s history and medical conditions, the specialist will notify realistic expectations about the treatment so that patients can have a better picture of the results. That’s why it’s so important that before performing the procedure, Dr. Flores Valdivia can analyze the area to determine the amount of Botox Tijuana the patient will require and if there is a possibility of a hematoma appearing.

Botox Tijuana leaves no scars and does not require anesthesia since the entire process is injected. The pain is minimal, and the whole procedure can take about five minutes, depending on the number of areas to be worked on. After three months, the muscles progressively lose the effect of relaxation, so it is common to see certain wrinkles or expression lines without the strength or notoriety of before.

As patients regularly undergo Botox Tijuana, the duration of its effects is more extended. After a certain age, the results no longer have the same product and may only act on certain expression lines that are not as marked.

In case the botox is applied in the face area first, Dr. Flores Valdivia’s team will remove the makeup or dirt that can accumulate on the face to avoid the infiltration of bacteria that can later cause skin problems. For the toxin to be distributed in the right way, Dr. Flores Valdivia recommends that patients not sleep on their stomachs for the first night.

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What can patients get from Botox Tijuana?

  • Muscle relaxation, allowing the elimination of wrinkles in areas such as: around the eyes, mouth, forehead, etc.
  • Lifting effect in those areas where Botox Tijuana was introduced.
  • Improve the effects of bruxism, which causes constant contraction.

What can’t patients get with Botox Tijuana?

  • Elimination or decrease of pigmentation or veins of the skin.
  • Cause the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Tighten flaccid skin.

Who are the ideal candidates for Botox Tijuana?

Most people can be candidates for this treatment, but those patients who are going through some skin infection, who are hypersensitive, or women who are in pregnancy, cannot opt for this procedure.

Results that can be obtained with Botox Tijuana

The patients’ effects obtained with this toxin are temporary but very useful; they can last around three to six months. The results can be seen after a couple of days, which is why many women and men come to Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic, due to the changes that can be obtained quickly and almost painlessly.

It is important to notify patients that the Tijuana Botox used by Dr. Flores Valdivia is safe and can be administered to different parts of the body. Also, the amount administered will be different for each patient; some will require less, depending on the results they wish to obtain.

To choose the most suitable technique for the patient, it will be necessary to make an evaluation appointment with Dr. Flores Valdivia to elaborate on a medical record and a personalized treatment plan.

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