What is a Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana?

A Brazilian Butt Lift in Tijuana or BBL can be accomplished through a surgical procedure called lipotransfer. This procedure allows the figure of the patient to be reshaped by adding volume to the gluteal area, especially in cases where considerable weight loss has been occurred or in cases with a small congenital gluteal volume.

For its performance, the patient’s own fat is used, extracted from the abdomen, waist, back or any area where we can find unwanted fat deposits. This combined fat removal and transfer technique is known as liposculpture.

  • Average length: 2-4 hours
  • Most common anesthesia: Regional or general
  • Type of hospitalization: One night in hospital
  • Average recovery time: 2-4 weeks

In order to choose the most suitable surgical technique for the patient, it will be necessary to make an evaluation appointment with Dr. Flores Valdivia to elaborate a medical record and a personalized treatment plan.