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Plastic Surgery Cost

Dr. Flores Valdivia listens to the wishes and needs of each patient, the type of body and the complexity of each procedure, before giving a price. We offer a fast and free online consultation.

In order to fully understand each patient and provide them with the personalized information that their case requires, it is necessary for Dr. Flores Valdivia to carry out an assessment, which includes a medical interview and a complete physical examination to learn in detail their specific characteristics.

The consultation payment is made in advance and has a cost of ($50 USD / $1,000 pesos) to confirm attendance.

Payment Options

In case you have difficulty making the payment for your consultation through our platform, you can do so by any of these means and send us your proof of payment to the email and call (664) 974-1309 or +1 (619) 836-5798 to book your appointment.

US account:

– Bank: Wells Fargo (USD)
– Name: Jose Luis Flores Valdivia
– Account number: 6660999142
– Routing number: 121000248
– Zelle Transfer: / 6198365798
– Physical address: 43374 Columbia Ave, Fremont, California, 94538

Mexico account:

– Bank: BBVA Bancomer (pesos)
– Name: Jose Luis Flores Valdivia
– Account number: 69083067
– CLABE: 012028004786422499
– Card number: 4555 1130 0911 2444