Is breast surgery permanent?

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Although there are many questions that patients usually ask before venturing into plastic surgery, some of the most frequent are: how long do breast implants last? Is breast surgery permanent? And what types of implants are there? Actually, each of these questions is important to help the patient make a better decision. This way, she […]

Body Positive and Plastic Surgery

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In recent years, the body positive movement has become revolutionary for hundreds of people who have always felt insecure about their appearance. Thanks to this movement, more and more people are feeling more confident about their appearance, feeling more comfortable and proud of their figure. Although there was already talk about the problems caused by […]

Is Mexico a good place to get surgery?

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Due to the professionalism from Mexican doctors and surgeons, more and more foreigners are visiting Mexico to undergo a procedure. The quality of the results is what mainly encourages more people to travel to our country. But due to news, cases or isolated events that have occurred in the country, some people have doubts about […]

Why do people go to Tijuana for plastic surgery?

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Why do people go to Tijuana for plastic surgery? Over the years, plastic surgery has become the perfect tool that people need to solve some of their aesthetic “body issues”. It is thanks to this that in a short period of time the different plastic surgery services for the body have become so requested in […]

What is included in a mommy makeover in Mexico?

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What is included in a mommy makeover in Mexico? For many women it is a dream come true to get pregnant, however, there are many cases in which it is difficult for the body to regain the appearance it had after giving birth. Previously, when that happened, women felt discouraged or even self-conscious about the […]

The cost of plastic surgery in Mexico and what includes

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Are you planning to have plastic surgery? There are several reasons why every year hundreds of people decide to have some type of cosmetic procedure. In some cases, it is because they want to correct some signs of aging, in others their priority is to lift sagging breasts, and in other cases what they are […]

What you should know about the tummy tuck Mexico cost

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The fame of tummy tuck surgery is increasing, as it has become the “solution” for many people who seek to improve their abdominal muscles’ physical appearance. The abdomen plays a very important role in the physical aspect because through this it can be seen if a person is healthy or has overweight problems. A more […]

5 things you should know about boob job in Tijuana

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Many women decide to undergo plastic surgery to increase the size of their breasts. Because most of them feel self-conscious about the way their asymmetrical breasts look or the size they have. Due to these reasons, breast surgery is currently one of the most requested in cosmetic clinics. If you are thinking of having this […]

Mexican plastic surgery and its popularity

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More and more people are making the decision to undergo some type of surgery in order to feel that their body is more comfortable, secure and their appearance is more attractive. In reality, plastic surgery procedures are popular all over the world, however, in recent years Mexico has positioned itself as one of the best […]

Is Tijuana Safe For Plastic Surgery?

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Is Tijuana Safe For Plastic Surgery? In recent years Tijuana has been characterized as one of the most important cities in terms of cosmetic surgeries. The affordable costs, the several services, and the quality offered in the clinics are just some of the things that cause this popularity to increase. Is Tijuana Safe For Plastic […]