5 things you should know about boob job in Tijuana

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Many women decide to undergo plastic surgery to increase the size of their breasts. Because most of them feel self-conscious about the way their asymmetrical breasts look or the size they have. Due to these reasons, breast surgery is currently one of the most requested in cosmetic clinics. If you are thinking of having this […]

Mexican plastic surgery and its popularity

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More and more people are making the decision to undergo some type of surgery in order to feel that their body is more comfortable, secure and their appearance is more attractive. In reality, plastic surgery procedures are popular all over the world, however, in recent years Mexico has positioned itself as one of the best […]

Is Tijuana Safe For Plastic Surgery?

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In recent years Tijuana has been characterized as one of the most important cities in terms of cosmetic surgeries. The affordable costs and the various services offered in the clinics are just some of the things that cause this popularity to increase. Tijuana, Mexico, the best city for surgeries? The decision to have plastic surgery […]

How to choose the best sunscreen?


3 Minute Read How to choose the best sunscreen? There are a wide variety of sun products, but which one is indicated for each skin type? In this blog I will give you the keys to choose the safest protector to take care of the sun correctly. Using sunscreen daily is essential to lead a […]

Plastic surgery in men: What are the most common procedures?

In recent years, cosmetic procedures have increased considerably, and although previously more women underwent surgical procedures to obtain a youthful appearance, the truth is that a large percentage of cosmetic surgeries are now focused on the male public. The treatments performed on men are not only focused on hair transplant or increasing the amount of […]

Cuidados después de una bichectomía

1. Dieta: – 24 hrs. líquidos (agua natural, agua fresca, jugo, gelatina, helado). NO SEMILLAS, NO LÁCTEOS, NO CALDOS. – 1 semana alimentos blandos (continuar sin semillas, lácteos, grasas ni irritantes).   2. Actividad física: – 1 semana sin ejercicio físico intenso (no agacharse ni levantar objetos pesados en exceso). – 3 días sin hablar […]