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When is the right time to consider a breast reduction?

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Usually, when people talk about breast surgery they think of breast augmentation, however, breast reduction is also a popular procedure. Many women do not feel comfortable with the size of their breasts, so they seek a solution through cosmetic procedures.

In some cases, breast augmentation is what they are looking for since this procedure makes their breasts look bigger and rounder. In other cases what they want is a breast reduction, this is because patients feel that the size of their breasts is beginning to affect their life negatively. 

When should I consider breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is usually recommended for women with excess breast tissue and breast fat. Excess weight can cause physical discomforts such as back pain and neck tension problems.

However, although a breast reduction can help improve the quality of life, there are cases in which other options are recommended.

Breast reduction or breast lift?

Sometimes people think that through a breast reduction they can make their breasts look more youthful and firm. However, in many cases, the only thing they need is a breast lift, because through this procedure the breasts can be placed in a higher part of the chest.

Of course, in other cases, a combination of procedures is recommended, since breast reduction and breast lift can improve the appearance of the breasts. There are several options that the surgeon can suggest to a patient to reduce the discomfort caused by the size of her breasts.

Because of this, it is of utmost importance to talk to the plastic surgeon about what are the main objectives for which you want this surgery. That way it will be easier for the plastic surgeon to offer you the procedures that best suit the needs you need to cover.

One of the main advantages of breast surgery Tijuana is that it has a very high satisfaction rate since the additional weight is eliminated. By eliminating the extra weight, patients can resume their lives with greater comfort, since other ailments such as back and neck pain also disappear.

Because of this, it is also recommended that this procedure be performed if the patient has constant physical pain or other discomfort caused by excess weight.

How do I know if I am a candidate? 

As we mentioned before, there are several benefits that breast reduction surgery can bring to a patient. But in some cases, it is better to undergo other procedures. You can know if this procedure is for you if you identify with some of the following characteristics.

You feel uncomfortable with the size of your breasts. If you do not like having large breasts or they feel too heavy to perform your daily activities.

Unbearable pain. Sometimes the excess weight not only causes back pain but also spreads to other areas such as the shoulders and neck. It is also possible to have chronic rashes under the breasts.

Physical and emotional problems. In case the size of your breasts prevents you from doing any physical activity or is causing you emotional problems. If you feel embarrassment, social anxiety, or other negative emotions related to your breast size.

You are healthy. If you are a healthy, non-smoking person, you are more likely to be a candidate for this procedure. However, it is important to keep in mind that your expectations must be realistic since plastic surgery cannot solve all problems.

What should I know?

This is a surgical procedure in which it is necessary to rest for a while, so you should take a couple of weeks off. With this surgery, breast tissue and fat are removed and at the same time the excess skin is removed, making it difficult to move your arms and in some cases, it can be counterproductive.

During this time you will not be able to work or perform physical activities, which is why it is recommended to perform this procedure during the holiday season.

Another thing that is recommended is to have a weight close to the ideal at the time of plastic surgery, since otherwise, it may alter the results. This is usually recommended more with women who are overweight because when you lose weight the fat of the whole body begins to reduce.

Also, in case you plan on having children soon, you should know that pregnancy and breastfeeding can also affect the way your breasts feel and look. Because of that reason, it is necessary to talk to the plastic surgeon about all those details, as they can play a fundamental role when performing this procedure.

Breast surgery is one of the most requested procedures by women who are unhappy with their breasts. In some cases, it is due to chronic pain and physical difficulties that they seek help to have a breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, but it is necessary to seek professional help.

For years Dr. Flores Valdivia has provided that help to hundreds of women who have had trouble living normally. That is why Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic is one of the best-known plastic surgery clinics in Tijuana.

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