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What you should know about the tummy tuck Mexico cost

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The fame of tummy tuck surgery is increasing, as it has become the “solution” for many people who seek to improve their abdominal muscles’ physical appearance. The abdomen plays a very important role in the physical aspect because through this it can be seen if a person is healthy or has overweight problems. A more aesthetic abdomen not only helps people achieve a healthier appearance but also increases the attractiveness of their figure. However, there are times that no matter how much exercise is done, it is not always easy to achieve a shaped abdomen, and that is why for many people it is better to have cosmetic surgery procedure.

What is a tummy tuck?

It can be said that the tummy tuck is an aesthetic procedure in which the plastic surgeon focuses on the abdomen. Through this procedure, the excess skin that the patient has, as well as the excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen, can be removed. At the same time, the surgeon rearranges and strengthens all the muscles that have moved within the abdominal wall. After surgery, the patient should only follow the doctor’s instructions to be able to recover quickly, and depending on the person, changes may be seen in a very short time.  The use of this procedure is more for aesthetic reasons than any other, however, it is also often used to ease rashes or skin infections. These conditions usually occur in people who have lost large amounts of fat in a very short time, so they have excess skin.

Who is a candidate?

Although a tummy tuck is one of the most requested procedures like breast surgery Tijuana, not all people are candidates. That is why it is necessary to perform several studies and speak with a specialist before thinking about having this type of surgery. It is recommended that if the patient is consuming medications that may affect the procedure, they must be discontinued a few days before. It is also possible that the surgeon recommends certain medications to the patient to make their recovery easier. Fasting should also be done before any procedure.  The patient must avoid tobacco, he must be hydrated and maintain a healthy weight. This surgery is not recommended for people who suffer from hernias or any other type of problem that could put their health at risk; that is why it is necessary to clarify any doubts that the patient may have with the plastic surgeon.

How much is a tummy tuck?

In reality, several types of tummy tucks/abdominoplasty are performed in clinics and hospitals, and each of these procedures has a different cost. The cost varies depending on the city and country where the procedure will be performed. Tijuana Mexico is a city that stands out for its medical treatments and affordable prices. In Tijuana, you can find the best medical care, and many international patients mostly from the United States and Canada come intending to have a cosmetic procedure.  Among the most common procedures are mini tummy tuck, traditional tummy tuck, and extended tummy tuck. And it depends on each person, which is the one that best suits their body. In some cases, it is also possible that another type of treatment is suggested, independent of abdominoplasty as a complement to improve the aesthetics of the body. As Tijuana is one of the most important cities in terms of professional aesthetic clinics, the cost of this and other procedures are quite accessible. Competitive prices are handled, an example of this is seen in the clinic of Dr. Flores Valdivia, where we offer the best care. We analyze your case and tell you what are the procedures that can help you improve your aesthetics. We help you with one or more surgical procedures so it can be easier for you to reshape or rebuild your aesthetic. 

After the plastic surgery

It is common that after the intervention the patient presents pain and discomfort, to help make his recovery more comfortable, analgesics will be prescribed. In the recovery time the patient will need to rest for a few weeks, he will also need to wear elastic support so the injury can be protected. Depending on the case, the patient may be able to return to work two to four weeks after the surgery. But this is something that will be seen as the days go by and that should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. The patient should avoid exercising for a few weeks, also making sudden movements and carrying heavy objects.  The patient must keep in mind that the tummy tuck can leave a permanent scar, although the size will depend on each case.

Tips before having a tummy tuck

Try to maintain a healthy routine and avoid as much as possible the consumption of harmful products such as alcohol or cigarettes, this will be of great help to avoid problems before, during, and after the procedure.  

Don’t be guided by the price

All surgeries carry a risk that is why it is necessary to go to professionals and not be guided by low costs. Although price does not speak to the quality with which a surgeon works, making such an important decision based solely on cost can be a big mistake.

Analyze other experiences

In professional clinics like Dr. Flores Valdivia’s, hundreds of patients are treated every day, so you can analyze their experiences. That way you can see that you are putting your health in the hands of an expert.

Find a certified surgeon

Professionals like Dr. Flores Valdivia have the necessary studies to be able to perform any kind of plastic surgery. He is even endorsed by the Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, as one of the best plastic surgeons; so, you can have the peace of mind that you will put your health in the hands of a qualified doctor. As you can see, we are not only an entire team of experts in cosmetic surgery, but we will also provide you with the best care and attention. So, at any time we will be aware of your entire process after performing the surgery. We are located in Tijuana Mexico near the border with San Diego, we offer a wide range of procedures with the best quality of care.