Are you planning to have plastic surgery? There are several reasons why every year hundreds of people decide to have some type of cosmetic procedure. In some cases, it is because they want to correct some signs of aging, in others their priority is to lift sagging breasts, and in other cases what they are looking for is to have a flat abdomen.

Regardless of the reason why someone is looking for the services of a plastic surgeon, the truth is that cost can be a deciding factor. That is why it is normal to try to find prices and budgets that can be adapted to their needs.

Characteristics of plastic surgery in Mexico

Currently, Mexico is among the leading powers in cosmetic and dental procedures. This position has been won thanks to clinics and hospitals with affordable procedures.

It is precisely because in other countries the treatments are usually very expensive that Mexico is visited by thousands of foreign tourists with the idea of ​​going to a clinic.

Among the cities that are visited the most, is Tijuana, as it is full of clinics and hospitals where health professionals offer the best services at affordable prices. In the United States, a highly requested procedure such as breast augmentation can cost up to three times what it would cost in Tijuana.

How much does it cost to have plastic surgery in Mexico?

In reality, answering that question is not that simple because many things must be taken into consideration. No matter how simple plastic surgery is, it is a procedure in which the necessary measures must be taken to avoid possible problems.

Usually, 5 factors can greatly influence one cosmetic procedure to another.

Consultations before and after the procedure

Before deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it will be necessary to consult a professional plastic surgeon. During these consultations, you will be able to speak with the surgeon about the surgery you want and the results you want to achieve with this procedure. 

Also, during the consultations, you can clarify any doubts you have and verify that the surgeon is a certified health professional. If you decide to perform the surgery, it will be necessary to go to consultation later to verify that your recovery is progressing well.

A blood test before the surgery

This step is essential to be able to perform any kind of surgery. During this stage, several blood tests should be performed to know the condition of the patient’s health and if he or she is a candidate for cosmetic surgery. 

In some cases, these blood tests are performed in the clinic itself, in other cases, the patient must go to a laboratory.


Depending on the type of cosmetic surgery, it may be necessary that after the patient is discharged, he or she still has to take some medications. So, it is necessary to consider these details to get a budget. 

It is also possible that there are other postoperative expenses because, in surgeries such as liposculpture and breast augmentation, healing materials are needed. And they must also have a special diet that facilitates recovery.

Does plastic surgery have an exact cost?

In reality, several factors make the cost of plastic surgery vary so much from one person to another. The patient’s age, the way their skin is, their weight, height, and health are some of the factors.

Other equally important factors are the hospital or clinic chosen to perform the procedure, the length of time the patient will be in the hospital, and the medications they will need to take during their stay. 

Another thing that affects the cost of plastic surgery is the type of cosmetic procedure that the person wants to perform. A surgery like the mommy makeover in Tijuana may be a good option since there are several procedures in one.

How to choose a good clinic?

First of all, you should keep in mind that the most important thing is not to be guided by the cost of the services of a clinic. 

It is necessary to verify that it is a professional clinic, that it is well established, and that it also has everything necessary. In addition to having the permits to work, they must have experts who have the corresponding studies and certificates to perform these kinds of procedures.

A good way to know if it is a professional clinic is through its website. The necessary information about the clinic and its medical staff should be on its official page, so it will be easier to see if it is a good option or not.

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