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Plastic surgery in men: What are the most common procedures?

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In recent years, cosmetic procedures have increased considerably, and although previously more women underwent surgical procedures to obtain a youthful appearance, the truth is that a large percentage of cosmetic surgeries are now focused on the male public. The treatments performed on men are not only focused on hair transplant or increasing the amount of facial hair, plastic surgery on men, as well as procedures for women, are oriented to the cosmetic enhancement of the entire body. Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia Breast augmentation is usually a condition that causes a lot of discomfort in both youth and adults, causing them to avoid certain activities to hide this alteration. The increase in volume in this area is associated with an imbalance of hormones, mainly estrogen and testosterone, but can also arise due to weight or specific conditions. For gynecomastia’s plastic surgery practice, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the glandular tissue and the fat tissue in excess to give the patient the physical characteristics of a masculine appearance. To make a pectoral enhancement possible, the plastic surgeon will perform an invasive procedure where he will make a small incision in the breast fold to extract the tissue employing a special tool that will allow the recovery time to be shorter and the skin to contract more quickly; thus improving the pectoral enhancement. This surgical procedure can take approximately one hour. Body Contouring- Liposuction This treatment, more than a weight loss technique, is a process that allows the removal of excess fat from an area. Many men opt for this liposuction method to improve their body shape, both in the abdomen, waist and lower back, thus facilitating a more body building figure. The aesthetic plastic surgery is carried out under anesthesia, where later a contouring tool called a suction cannula will be introduced under the skin. The movements made by the professional allow the areas to be treated to be well marked, and when the fat from the liposuction is removed, there is a decrease in the percentage of adipocytes. Once the liposuction process by suction is finished, the patient must use a girdle or special bandages so that the skin contracts to the treated area’s muscles, thus avoiding excess skin that damages the enhancement of the man’s appearance. Eyelid surgery – Blepharoplasty This cosmetic plastic surgery aims to improve the functionality and eyelid rejuvenation, providing a vibrant appearance in the facial skin. Many men request this facial rejuvenation procedure when they have wrinkled skin, loose skin, or when the skin layer is in excess that prevents them from properly opening and closing their eyes. When a person has droopy eyelids, it is known in the world of cosmetic plastic surgery as palpebral ptosis; this is a defect that, if not adequately addressed by a plastic surgeon, can cause harmful damage. This condition necessarily requires this plastic surgery option. For the professional to perform this plastic surgery in men, a small incision must be made under the eye so that the located bleacher can be removed; if the patient wishes, the skin can be stretched so that there is a lifting effect. Also, he will make an incision in the upper eyelid to remove the layer of skin that causes the eye to look droopy; this will also help give the sensation of a brow lift. Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty Many of the men are not comfortable with the shape of their nose, either because it is too big because it deviates, or for any other reason; this can cause them to be unhappy with their appearance and to risk having insecurity and problems relating to their community. That is why rhinoplasty is an excellent plastic surgery option to improve the appearance of the nose. This invasive procedure can be performed in two ways, through closed and open rhinoplasty, which allows refining the shape of the nose, thus achieving a cosmetic enhancement. Although not all patients who undergo this common plastic surgery require some tissue transplant, it is sometimes necessary to perform this process to give the nose a natural appearance and more aesthetic. Although these aesthetic surgeries are the most common in the male public, there are many more procedures, such as: neck lift, facial rejuvenation, facial skin filler, lip augmentation, ear surgery, among others. Also, the non-invasive procedure is very popular, as is the use of botulinum toxin, hair restoration, or laser hair removal. Regardless of the procedure, it is essential that, in cosmetic surgery, men always go to a plastic surgeon who is part of the American society of plastic surgeons. This way, there will be no risk of the procedure being performed incorrectly. Contact us and find out what plastic surgery in Tijuana Dr. Flores Valdivia performs on men.