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Most Common Surgeries In Men

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Why can’t you look good to feel good?

There is a misconception that cosmetic surgeries are only for women, but the reality is that men can also have surgeries to modify areas of their bodies.

Nowadays, plastic surgery for men is increasingly popular since it has become normalized for men to be concerned about their appearance. To feel comfortable with some regions of their bodies, they often want to have touch-ups or some kind of modification. 

Among the most requested plastic surgeries in Tijuana by men are:


Rhinoplasty can modify the shape of the nose. Unlike what many people think, this procedure is not only performed for health but also aesthetic reasons and is currently a procedure reasonably requested by men.


This surgery removes excess skin under the eyelids, offering a better visual field and a more youthful look. Nowadays, many men have decided to take a few years off through this procedure, which in addition to providing aesthetic benefits, also provides help for the health of the eyes.

Abdominoplasty for men

Its objective is to reshape the abdomen to restore firmness. For many men and women, it is difficult to achieve a flat and marked belly, even through diet and exercise. Abdominoplasty is the ideal procedure because it provides immediate and visible results.

Buttock Augmentation

This is one of the most popular procedures when it comes to cosmetic surgeries in Tijuana. And contrary to popular belief, nowadays, more and more men are requesting this type of procedure to achieve the desired figure.

Post-bariatric for men

This procedure is performed after a bariatric surgery where a significant amount of weight is lost, resulting in sagging and flabby skin. This plastic surgery reshapes the skin and figure of men.


It is an increase in the size of the mammary gland in men. The main objective of this cosmetic surgery in Tijuana is to reduce the size of one or both breasts and achieve a more aesthetic appearance of the male chest.

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Do you want to correct something you don’t feel comfortable with in your body?

Don’t stop because of the myths that plastic surgeries are only for women. Just as there are surgeries for women like the mommy makeover Tijuana, there are also surgeries for men like gynecomastia and other kinds of surgeries for both sexes. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve those changes you’ve always wanted. Go to an assessment consultation with Dr. Flores Valdivia, who will help you clarify all your doubts about the different types of procedures and help you choose the ideal approach to get the results you’re looking for.