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Mexican plastic surgery and its popularity

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More and more people are making the decision to undergo some type of surgery in order to feel that their body is more comfortable, secure and their appearance is more attractive. In reality, plastic surgery procedures are popular all over the world, however, in recent years Mexico has positioned itself as one of the best destinations for medical tourism. Inside and outside of Mexico, the work done by plastic surgeons has become very popular, as the results are incredible. This has caused medical tourism to leave millions of dollars annually in the country, mainly in cities like Tijuana where there are thousands of health professionals.

Characteristics of plastic surgery in Mexico

Inside and outside of Mexico, plastic surgery in Tijuana is one of the best. A large part of his doctors studied in the best schools in Mexico, while another part in the United States. So, requesting the services of a trained surgeon is not that complicated, on the contrary there are specialized clinics such as the Flores Valdivia clinic, in which we have the best services.

Comfort is possible

In a few cities they find it necessary to improve the service in hotels, in order to make patients feel more comfortable after leaving a clinic. The popularity that Tijuana has had abroad, has not only helped the economy of the city improve, but also that hotels are close to clinics and hospitals with the idea of ​​being able to host patients. Even depending on the hotel and the service requested, the patient can have medical beds in their room. So, he can rest comfortably for as long as necessary for his recovery after being discharged from the hospital.

A delicious meal

Another reason why Tijuana is more popular than other cities is because of the gastronomy. Businesses in the gastronomic sector know that tourists often travel with their family to receive support after surgery. Because of this, a large part of these businesses are located near clinics and hospitals, in order to offer their services. Either the patients’ relatives or the patients who can eat everything, so that, at the end of their trip, in addition to feeling better about their body, they will have tasted delicious food.

Affordable prices

Without a doubt, this factor is one of the first to be taken into consideration, because, although surgeries in Tijuana may be the same or better than in other countries, the price is usually lower. It is even very common for people from the United States and Canada to decide to travel to Mexico periodically, since the treatments are cheaper than in their countries. Such is our case at Flores Valdivia clinic that we offer fairly accessible services, where excellence and safety are one of our main characteristics.

High quality infrastructure

A good infrastructure must be in place to ensure that the patient can feel comfortable and safe at all times. The advantage in Tijuana is that it has an infrastructure to offer health services that can have the highest quality.  Every time new clinics and hospitals are created, old hospitals are also remodeled, all in order to be able to provide health services that can have the quality that is needed. But this is not all that Tijuana has to offer, being close to the United States, it has the most advanced technology. So, it is easier to carry out the studies and procedures that the patient requires, to be able to make a diagnosis and start a treatment.

Hygiene protocols

After the appearance of Covid 19, it became necessary to have stricter hygiene and health protocols in order to prevent people from getting sick. Taking this into consideration, the organisms that regulate plastic and aesthetic surgery in Mexico and Baja California, created a series of measures that seek to protect both patients and the medical team. These measures are applied in hospitals and professional clinics, making it safe for both patients and medical equipment. It is even possible that what these measures consist of will be explained to you before attending the clinic, so that you can clear any doubts.

Professional team

As mentioned recently, Tijuana is one of the cities that has more health professionals, however, before having surgery, it is necessary to choose a good surgeon. Analyzing the work of the surgeon and seeing the comments about the clinic, as well as its workers, can be of great help in finding the ideal clinic. One of the most popular clinics within Tijuana is the Dr. Flores Valdivia clinic. Being a professional plastic surgeon and certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, he has been able to help hundreds of people. With his contribution within aesthetic medicine, hundreds of people have been able to improve the part of their aesthetics that bothers them or generates a strong insecurity. For this reason, they have been able to see an improvement not only in their appearance, but in many cases also in their self-esteem.  


Dr. Flores Valdivia specializes in different types of cosmetic surgery, among the main ones are facelift surgery, cosmetic remodeling or reconstructive surgery, tummy tuck in which excess skin is removed and breast augmentation. Some of the benefits that the patient can have after undergoing cosmetic surgery are the following: maintain weight, feel better about themselves, improve self-confidence. These are some of the characteristics for which cosmetic surgery in Mexico has become popular, especially in the city of Tijuana Mexico, since it offers everything that the patient needs and also excellent care.