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Is Mexico a good place to get surgery?

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Due to the professionalism from Mexican doctors and surgeons, more and more foreigners are visiting Mexico to undergo a procedure. The quality of the results is what mainly encourages more people to travel to our country.

But due to news, cases or isolated events that have occurred in the country, some people have doubts about how safe a procedure is in Mexico. In order to clarify possible doubts and reassure people that decide to undergo a procedure in Mexico, we will now go deeper into the benefits of undergoing surgery in this country.

Is Mexico a good place to have surgery?

The definitive answer is yes, without a doubt, because Mexico has very strict standards for doctors and health personnel, as well as for the realization of procedures. In addition, medical personnel in Mexico keep themselves continually updated to improve their knowledge.

Lower price

The first advantage of traveling to Mexico for breast surgery is that there is a clear economic difference compared to the United States. In Mexico, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries cost less and this makes it easier for a greater number of patients to undergo them.

The cost of lodging is also cheaper than in other medical tourism destinations, for example, that in the United States. In addition, traveling to Mexico is more affordable than other destinations, since many patients only need to cross the border into Mexico.

Surgeons in Mexico keep up to date

Surgeons in Mexico must always keep up to date with techniques, methods and technologies used in other countries. So they continually attend congresses, take courses and keep in touch with colleagues from other countries and continents to keep learning.

In the hospitals and clinics in Mexico, instruments and equipment are continually updated, replacing them with new techniques and technologies. This ensures that surgeons have at their disposal all the necessary equipment to perform surgeries in less time and with better results.

Hospitality and good service

Mexico has always stood out among dozens of countries for being a welcoming country and a good host. Care and good service of tourists who travel to our country, either for fun or, as in this case, to have breast surgery, is always a priority.

The Mexican clinics know that foreign patients have a limited stay in the country, so they do their best to avoid delays. Punctuality and respect for the patient’s schedule are essential to obtain a good result, trying to avoid rushing or delays.

To undergo breast surgery in Tijuana it is necessary to stay for a while in order to get an evaluation, such as for the surgery and the postoperative period. So there are many hotels and inns that offer a special service to tourists for medical reasons, being able to stay longer and having special attention according to their case.

Regulatory agencies

Mexico has several government agencies as well as civil associations that regulate that surgeons comply with all the requirements.

Cofepris is one of the institutions in charge of protection against health risks, so in Mexico it is in charge of verifying that health protocols are followed. The inspectors are in charge of reviewing facilities, materials and supervising personnel and physicians. There is also the health secretary, responsible for verifying that the doctors follow the established protocols.

Surgeons in Mexico have their own association, which keeps a registry of certified surgeons. This is the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. In this association people can verify their plastic surgeon.

Seriousness in their work

Every surgeon in Mexico studies for several years, because in addition to the medical career, specialization as a plastic surgeon also takes a long time. It takes years of study and practice to be certified as a surgeon.

Surgeons in Mexico maintain respect for the patient, taking care and asserting their rights as a patient and as a person. That is why people from other countries where it is not possible to have certain procedures done due to cultural or religious reasons, travel to Mexico to have them done.

Regulated materials

All prostheses used for breast surgeries in Mexico are manufactured with materials approved by international organizations. These organizations include the FDA, the WHO, the EMA and COFEPRIS itself.

In this way, patients who travel to our country to undergo breast augmentation, correction or reconstruction surgeries can be confident about the procedure. In Mexico only prosthesis brands recognized and approved by regulatory agencies, free of chemicals and products harmful to health, are used.

Ease to schedule appointments

Another great advantage Mexico offers to foreigners seeking breast surgery is that they can have it done while on vacation. Patients can schedule their appointments to coincide with their time off, allowing them to return home with the changes they wanted.

Some breast surgeries are faster than others. For example, breast augmentation is not the same as reconstruction, which requires more time. Depending on the case, the patient will have to return every so often for check-ups and to continue with her treatment. That is why it is good to have doctors who make it easy to schedule appointments.

Where can I get breast surgery in Mexico?

Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic is an ideal place for patients traveling to Mexico for breast surgery. As a healthcare professional, Dr. Flores Valdivia can perform whatever procedure the patient requires, whether it is reconstruction, reduction, augmentation or lift.

Before any procedure, each patient is thoroughly evaluated to know which will be the best option according to her case. Always looking for safety and that the patient feels comfortable with the procedure and happy with the results.