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What is the connection between large breasts and back pain?

Back pain from breasts

Plastic surgeries have been an effective method for eradicating, improving, or decreasing irregularities in the body, from some malformation of the nose to something more cosmetic, like the use of Botox to reduce wrinkles on the face. Although plastic surgery is commonly known for procedures such as buttock augmentation or breast augmentation, there are other types of methods that can help you have the face or body you have always dreamed of.

Even though buttock or breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures requested by patients, other types of treatments are more than aesthetic and are aimed at the patient’s health, such as breast reduction. People who suffer from back pain due to their breasts are the ones who mainly undergo this type of surgery. As with all methods, it requires preparation and evaluation to be qualified for this operation.

How to Relieve Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts

For some women, having large breasts can be a beneficial thing because, for the most part, it helps them boost their self-esteem. However, they don’t count on the fact that having large breasts can cause back pain.

As previously mentioned, back pain due to breasts is caused by excessive weight in that area of the body. This excess weight can not be supported by the spine and begins to generate this pain.

Another of the most common reasons for back pain caused by breasts is due to poorly fitting bras or wearing a bra with a larger cup. For this kind of case, some bras generate better support in the breast area; however, as with conventional bras, you must look for your size to avoid problems in the future because you can generate some other type of pain.

Poor posture is also a factor that can be detrimental to people with large breasts because, in addition to causing pain in other areas of the body, such as the shoulders or neck, the weight of the breasts is what ends up complicating things even more.

Exercising is a very healthy way to keep the body active, something that for people with large breasts can become a nuisance. Back pain due to breasts is very present in those who begin to exercise. The reason, often, is that the same size and weight can not complete the exercise correctly, causing them to get hurt in the process.

Even people who undergo breast augmentation surgery and do not get used to the new weight of their breasts begin to have this type of discomfort, some in a shorter period of weeks, others in a more extended period of between 6 to 1 year after the operation.

Is breast reduction surgery right for you?

Probably you can not change your lifestyle, or simply by choice, you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts. For these occasions, you can still undergo the method several people are performing to avoid back pain due to breasts and breast reduction.

It consists of an evaluation performed by the surgeon where, after 1 or 2 weeks on average, the results are analyzed to see if you are suitable or not for a breast reduction surgery.

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