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5 benefits of breast reduction surgery

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Although in recent decades it has become very fashionable to have large breasts, this can be very problematic for some people. The main reason is because large breasts are often synonymous with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as other problems such as limited activity.

Reduction mammoplasty is a procedure that can have many benefits for people who have excess fat, tissue and skin in the breasts. This treatment is recommended for those who do not feel comfortable with their physical appearance or suffer from health problems due to the size of their breasts.

Which are the benefits of a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery can bring several benefits, as long as it is performed by expert hands. Among the main advantages are the following:

Higher self-esteem

By noticing that physically she already has smaller breasts, the patient becomes more self-confident. She begins to resume her activities with greater confidence and security, in addition to feeling more animated and less stressed about the type of clothes she can wear, since the garments no longer feel uncomfortable.

Although this change does not happen overnight, in a short period of time an improvement in the patients’ self-esteem can be noticed. This will increase as the breasts swell down after breast reduction surgery.

The pain disappears

One of the most common ailments in people with large breasts is pain, because due to the excess weight the muscles are damaged. When breast surgery Tijuana is performed, the muscles feel more relaxed, so the pain in places such as the back, shoulders and neck begins to disappear.

As time goes by, the damaged nerves and muscles recover, so the tendency to hump the back also begins to disappear. As a result, patients feel better about their bodies and perceive themselves to be more aesthetically pleasing and youthful.

No more irritation

Rashes under the breasts are a very common condition in people with large, sagging breasts. This problem is usually chronic and in addition to causing physical irritation, it can cause other problems if the skin becomes infected or is not treated in the most appropriate manner.

Once the reduction mammoplasty is performed, the skin will begin to heal and if the recommendations are followed, the symptoms will disappear completely.

Being able to engage in activities

Running, jumping, dancing or just walking down the street are just some of the activities that are often limited due to the weight of large breasts. That is why one of the main benefits of having a breast reduction is to be able to perform normal activities.

Although it is necessary to take into account that this cannot be done immediately, it is necessary to wait the recommended time after surgery to resume activities.

You can wear all kinds of clothes

The truth is that finding clothes to fit should not be a problem, however, there are many girls who feel bad because of this. Since in many cases the clothes they like are smaller sizes, they have found that one of the extra benefits of breast reduction is to be able to wear the clothes they like.

Are men also candidates for this surgery?

Although there are several benefits that breast reduction can bring, in the case of men a large bust can be caused by various problems. Among them are kidney and thyroid problems, in other occasions it can be an effect caused by a tumor in the adrenal capsule or in the testicles.

Regardless of the case, it is advisable to consult a specialist to treat the root of the problem. In these cases, breast reduction is not always advisable, since the patient may continue to present other conditions if it is due to another problem.

Breast reduction: things you should know

There are several techniques that are usually used in female breast reduction surgery, so things like volume, shape and modeling of the breasts are taken into account. Usually, the scar after surgery is located around the areola, vertically and in the submammary fold.

Although it is a surgery that can bring many positive changes to a person’s life, not all patients can be considered. It is not recommended for people who smoke or suffer from any kind of problem that may affect their recovery, such as diabetes and heart disease.

It is also not recommended for people who are overweight or obese, or for women who are losing weight. It is also not recommended for women who plan to become pregnant and wish to breastfeed, because depending on the technique used, this function may be limited.

However, age is not usually a determining factor when performing this surgery, since teenagers can also have it done if necessary. Even so, it is necessary to talk to the specialist to find out if you are a candidate or not for this kind of procedure.

Where can I go?

Dr. Flores Valdivia is one of the most requested plastic surgeons in Tijuana due to the professionalism with which he works. The doctor will evaluate your case in detail before performing any procedure and will consider important details such as your health and your needs.

So you can rest assured that Dr. Flores Valdivia will be there for you at all times, addressing any concerns you may have about the procedure. Dr. Flores Valdivia will also keep an eye on your progress throughout this stage to verify that the whole procedure is going as planned.  

We know that making such an important decision is not easy, so you can count on the support of a team of professionals at all times.