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Body Positive and Plastic Surgery

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In recent years, the body positive movement has become revolutionary for hundreds of people who have always felt insecure about their appearance. Thanks to this movement, more and more people are feeling more confident about their appearance, feeling more comfortable and proud of their figure.

Although there was already talk about the problems caused by the impossible beauty standards imposed by television and fashion, it was since 2012 that the movement gained more strength. This was due to the rejection of Barbie-like figures, because these beauty standards are impossible to achieve.

Why is body positivity important?

Thanks to this way of thinking an increasing number of people understand that there is no single standard of beauty. On the contrary, in reality there are many types of beauty and all bodies are beautiful.

An example of what we are talking about can be seen in several Dove commercials, which show how important it is to accept ourselves. Our skin type, our genetics and remember that all bodies are different, which is why it is necessary to accept ourselves as we are.

It is because of this way of thinking that things have been changing and nowadays you can find models with different sizes modeling clothes in the catalogs. It is even common for the same fashion design to be worn by people of different sizes and with very different bodies.

A flattering change for women

Undoubtedly, many women have seen in body positivity a clear and flattering message, as there is no need to follow a mold. On the contrary, the message is now being sent to girls that we are all different and that our genetic differences make us have our own type of beauty.

One of the main advantages that hundreds of people see in body positivity is that it is a cultural change, which can bring hope. More and more women are gaining more self-esteem, having less anxiety and depression problems, and eating disorders are decreasing.

In other words, without these unattainable standards of beauty, there is a greater likelihood that today’s young people will learn to accept themselves. So they don’t feel bad about themselves for not achieving unrealistic “perfection”.

What about plastic surgery?

Actually, body positivity offers a message that has managed to improve the way hundreds of people perceive themselves. That is why as plastic surgeons we are excited about the idea this message offers, because we are aware that cosmetic procedures are not a quick fix or 100% realistic solution.

In reality, plastic surgery in Tijuana is a way to optimize a person’s body, so that they can feel good about their own body. Patients don’t want to look like a celebrity, they simply want to remain themselves but be more comfortable and happy with the way their body looks.

As a result, fewer people are asking to look like celebrities, instead patients tend to request procedures with more natural effects. So, not only does it show their good taste, but it also helps them feel better and gain more self-confidence in order to interact with the world.

After the procedures they undergo, people see themselves as a more beautiful version of themselves, and their attitude towards life improves. All this regardless of the type of body they have, because they understand that we are all different.

We are all different

One of the most common mistakes is to think that plastic surgery can make everyone look the same. As we mentioned before, the advantage that plastic surgery offers is that it helps us to understand that we are unique and each one has their own beauty, hence it is not necessary to look like someone else.

For some people plastic surgery is just a tool that gives them the help they need to better accept themselves and feel proud of their appearance. For other people it is just a procedure that helps to optimize something that makes them feel happier. Basically, you can say that everybody has a different approach.

But the important thing is that as surgeons it is our mission to help each patient, through the skills and experience we have and at the same time ensuring the patient’s wellbeing and health.

Another thing to keep in mind is that plastic surgery is not for everyone, however, it is important to support people who decide to undergo a procedure for their own reasons. An important part of body positivity is not to judge the decisions that people take regarding their own body.

It is also important to remember about avoiding shaming other people for making decisions that differ from what we think. In reality there are many things to learn about body positivity, but if there is one thing clear, it is the need to respect others.

At Dr. Flores Valdivia’s clinic we know that the most important thing is to give our patients the support they need. That is why our main mission as doctors is to help our patients at all times and in any way we can.

That is why we clarify all their doubts and talk to the patients, in order for them to understand that for us their priority is our priority. For this reason, we accompany them throughout their journey and support them whenever they need it.

As health professionals, we know how difficult it can be for a patient to make such an important decision as undergoing cosmetic surgery. Because of this, we support you at all times, remember that for us, your physical and emotional health is a priority.